Tom Pacheco in the Press:

Year of the Big Wind

Samuel Robert Elliot

At last a new “Bare Bones” album. Bare Bones III --- “Year of the Big Wind” --- recorded in Woodstock, New York, with Jim Weider of The Band playing various guitars, dobro, and mandolin. 15 Tracks, 13 never before recorded.
A Southern-Southwest atmosphere fills this album. Not happy pastel, pastoral-colored visions of this territory, but stories of flesh and blood people surviving and enduring in forlorn trailer parks, desperate dust-surrounded diners, gas stations on Christmas day, silent apartments where no one knocks on the door, haunted highways where the taillights of passing cars look like demon red eyes in the night, and noisy Mexican cantinas where maybe you can get a second chance at salvation.
You will meet wicked ministers, human angels, murderers, ghosts, lost loves, broken hearts, lonesome pilgrims, new beginnings, strong women, brave men, saintly crickets, 5000-year-old graveyards, a 57-year-old uncatchable catfish, a jealous slaughterhouse worker and his psychotic wife and a mountaintop where for awhile eternity and peace beckon on a radiant summer evening.
America in the 21st Century is a weird new Twilight Zone. A place where all that seemed solid is now fractured and splintered. And yet through all of this, the people carry on each day one step at a time. This CD is your passport to this strange new millennium land.

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