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Tom Pacheco Plays At Colony

Tom Pacheco is packing his bags...


Pacheco at the Colony

Tom Pacheco is packing his bags. He’s off on a month-long tour of Norway to promote a new album he has coming out there, produced by his old buddy Steiner Albrightsen. But first, he’ll celebrate Memorial Day with one of his periodic concerts in Woodstock, that will begin at 8 p.m. Saturday, May 23 at the Colony Café. 
The compulsive songwriter and consummate wordsmith will bring a bundle of new songs to the show, in which he’ll be accompanied by his brother, Paul Pacheco, on guitar and Brian Hollander on the squareneck resonator. The songs can be about anything, from birds that get stuck in Wal-Mart to late night encounters in strange towns; from Rio Grande swimming immigrants to searching for the missing in North Dakota. Many have political overtones, but tender sentiments are included also. He can write about a corporation taking over a small pie company and the revenge that gets exacted, about an encounter with Hunter Thompson, about a man who said he killed Jack the Ripper; about the president, past and current, or Ché.
With his hypnotic churning rhythmic guitar, he’ll work for hours in a show, totally immersed, demonstrating a commitment to his music and writing that turns out convinced listeners. 

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