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Loudon Castle Hosts American Songwriter

Loudoun Castle hosts American songwriter

Review From Kilmarnock Standard

11/21/2008 - Nov 21 2008 by Ian Russell, Kilmarnock Standard
AN Irvine Valley venue may be in line for a name check in a forthcoming edition of the best-selling Guinness Book of Records.
Legendary American singer/songwriter Tom Pacheco chose Loudoun Castle to perform the 3000th song he’s written, in a career spanning 40-plus years, at the weekend.
The veteran Woodstock troubadour performed at the old coach-house on Friday and Saturday, just yards away from the family theme park’s attractions.
So it was hardly surprising that he took his audiences on a rollercoaster ride of numbers spanning the years and the diversity of subjects his hardcore fans have come to expect.
From the humble penny to Barack Obama; doughnuts and deer to the Icelandic banking crisis; and a kitten and a seagull to brain-damaged victims of the war in Iraq – Tom even managed to fit in a reference to the weekend’s drugs-bust in Darvel in a couple of two hour-plus sets that had his old guitar screaming for a break and the crowd screaming for more.
He may be 62, but TP has lost none of his enthusiasm for live gigs, nor of course for penning songs.
Keen to return to the same fantastic venue in 2009 he remains reticent about his unparalleled, precocious songwriting abilities.
“Give me a topic and I’ll write about it,” says Tom. “I have more than 3000 songs under my belt now, but don’t know if that’s some sort of record or not.”
Pacheco followers are convinced it is.
That’s why a letter is on its way to the publishers of the Guinness book right now.
So what is TP’s record-breaking number called? Sadly, that’s the confusing part. The man has come up with so many it’s still under discussion as to which new song he performed at the weekend is exactly number 3000!

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