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Bein Inn November 2007
photo by Jan Orkisz

Tony, Tom,Dave, and Nancy in second row. Anyone know who is in the third row?

Loudon Castle Novemeber 2007
Alex, and active Forum member and his sife

Tom, Graeme and Chris
Tom, Graeme and Chirs at Plymouth Nov 2007

Tom and Frank Marstokk from Norway
Tom and staff member Frank Marstokk from Norway at 2008 Folk Alliance conference Memphis Feb 21

Tom,Taylor Pie, and Eben Wood
Tom with old friend Taylor Pie, and guitarist Eben Wood at private showcase Folk Alliance 2008

Tom and new friends
Tom and friends at assisted living residence in Memphis at community outreach concert Feb 21, 2008

Tom and Mary Sue
Mary Sue Tooey is a wonderful radio host at XM radio Village 15

Tom at Folk Alliance
Tom played to a standing room crowd at Folk Alliance Memphis 2008!