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Anti-corporate scandal rally
Tom with Ralph Nader, Phil Donahue and Jim Musselman at an anti-corporate scandal rally in front of the New York Stock Exchange where he performed on October 4, 2002. (photo: Roland Mousaa)

Pete Seeger recording banjo
Pete Seeger recording banjo on Tom’s “There Was a Time” album.

Woodstock center - “The Village Green”

The room where Tom writes his songs
The room where Tom writes his songs in Woodstock.

On tour in Italy
Tom with Butch Hancock, Jesse Taylor, Carol Carlini and Jimmy Dale Gilmore on a tour they did together in Italy.

Tom’s home in Woodstock.

Soundcheck break at Colon Café 2003

Tom 1995

Clonakilty, Ireland
Donovan and Noel Redding at a Tom Pacheco gig in Clonakilty, Ireland