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Tom with Roland Mousaa
Tom with Roland Mousaa, co-writer of the song Indian Prayer, which was recorded by Richie Havens.

Tom with Josie Kuhn
Tom with Josie Kuhn, another great singer-songwriter, who lives in Nashville, Tennessee.

Tom Pacheco
(Photo by Fred Kurland)

Nashville, 1986
Nashville photo shoot, 1986. (Photos by Fred Kurland)

Tom with Steinar Albrigtsen
Tom with Steinar Albrigtsen. (Photo by Baard Henriksen, printed in CD insert of Nobodies album)

tom at a recent gig

Tom and his father in 1975

Ursala Orr
Ursala Orr – The little girl who asked Tom to write a song that could explain to her what the meaning of life is. Tom wrote “That’s What Life Is” on the Relbel Spring album. She is with Tom’s dog Lily.

Tom with Steinar Albrigtsen
Tom with Steinar Albrigtsen in Skagen, Denmark.