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A letter from Tom Pacheco:

I had an odd dream... and we were all in it together...

I dreamt that we woke up to find ourselves in a strange world of the 21st Century with a real and uncomfortable feeling that we are all looking into the dark, open throat of a bloody abyss; passengers on a runaway train with a deranged engineer at the helm, hurtling along toward a cataclysmic wreck that our collective third eye of intuition knows is not only inevitable upon this track but perhaps imminent...

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Tom Pacheco's Bio / Discography:

His songs have been covered by Jefferson Starship, the Band, Rick Danko, Ritchie Havens, Scott Petito and Leslie Ruler, John Hall and dozens of European artists, many becoming number one hits in England and Norway. His albums have sold well in Europe. One became platinum in the mid 90’s. He played folk rock in Greenwich Village, NY in the late 60’s and alternative country in Austin Texas in the early 80’s. He walked out on the Nashville songwriting factories and spent 10 years in Dublin Ireland recording and touring extensively in Europe. He now lives in Woodstock, NY and tours both America and Europe. He is admired by critics, fellow performers and perceptive music lovers who have bought the imported copies of many of his albums. Andy Hardin, Tom Russell’s long time guitarist, called him ‘the best solo performer he’s ever seen.” As of this writing, April 20th 2005, he is about to release his 19th album Rebel Spring”

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Sample Songs:
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The Last Drop

Rebel Spring

There Was a Time


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