Swallowed Up In The Great American Heartland




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BVCM 37126

Produced by Shadow Morton

Directed by Jacob Solman

This album was recorded in summer 1975 in Los Angeles, California, produced by legendary producer George "Shadow" Morton. People who accompanied me in the studio were James Burton, Byron Berine, Chris Ethridge, Jim Keltner, Gail Davies, Bill Payne, Andrew Gold and several other great artists from that incredible L.A. singer/songwriter scene. Even though I was still 28 years old when it was recorded, it is the first album I did that I was proud of the songwriting.


  1. Jesse Tucker

  2. Dancing Closer To The Bedroom Door
  3. Last Bike In Town
  4. To Sing A Country Song
  5. 'Til I First Heard Willie Nelson
  6. Song For Marilyn
  7. Swallowed Up In The Great American Heartland
  8. Jimmy The Fiddler
  9. The Beer Song
  10. The Tree Song
  11. The Land Will Roll On
  12. The Singer

Tom Pacheco, Ben Benay, Steve Miller: guitar
Red Rhodes: pedal steel
James Burton, Steven Burgh: electric guitar
Nick DeCaro, Bill Payne, Murray Weinstock: piano
Chris Ethridge, David Jackson: bass
Doug Lubahan: electric bass
Michael Wolf: string bass
Jim Keltner, John Guerin: drums
Bobbye Hall, Sue Evans: percussion
James Self: sousaphone, tuba
Don Menza: reeds
Larry McNeeley: banjo
Don Brooks: harmonica
Byron Berline: fiddle, mandolin
Renita Koven, David Campbell: viola
Dennis Karmazyn: cello
Robert Dubow, John Wittenberg, Haim Shtrum, Gordon Marron: violin
Jacob Solman, David Campbell, Leslie P. Filbert: handclaps
Renee Armand, Brooks Hunnicutt, Gail Davies, Andrew Gold, Kenny Edwards, Jean Monte Ray: background vocals

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