The Best Of Tom Pacheco The Secret Hits Vol. 2

Here is my “Volume 2  Best Of - The Secret Hits.” Every song on this project was recorded between summer 1989 and spring of 2011. There are two brand new songs I have never recorded until now, “That Old Dog And Me.” And a new anthem for the working man and women who’s collective bargaining rights are daily under assault all over the world. The song is called “Solidarity”.

The other songs were released on albums I recorded in Dublin and Randlestown, Ireland, London England, Oslo and Halden Norway, Nashville Tennessee and Woodstock New York. The new track was recorded in Houston Texas.


Disk One 

  1. Drifting like a Flower Down the River

  2. Free
  3. I Was Meant To Pass Through Your Life
  4. Jesus in A Leather Jacket
  5. Indian Prayer
  6. She Always Thought He’d Come Back
  7. You Again
  8. We’ll Find A Way
  9. You Gotta Have Hope
  10. Solidarity
  11. Big Muddy River
  12. Minnesota Blue
  13. A Fine Homemade Pie
  14. Saint Christopher and The Cornfield
  15. China Blue
  16. All I Can Look At Is You
  17. You Will Never Be Afraid Again

Disk Two 

  1. Cannon Street

  2. Her Mother’s Face
  3. That Old Dog and Me
  4. Donna Marie
  5. Tennessee Stars
  6. Beautiful Moments
  7. Reverend Jake
  8. The Penny
  9. That’s What Life Is
  10. Hey Hey Robert Johnson
  11. Jerry’s Gone
  12. The Snowstorm
  13. Horses
  14. Following Ricardo
  15. Broken Piano
  16. Just A Little Bullet


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