The Secret Hits - The Best of Tom Pacheco Vol. 1

2007 Tom Pacheco IMRO MCPS

Produced by Pete Holidai and Tom Pacheco

Disc One:

  1. Jessica Brown

  2. Woody & Jack
  3. Midnight Waters of the Rio Grande
  4. Teddy Roosevelt
  5. Blue Montana Sky
  6. Last Blue Whale In the Ocean
  7. Provincetwon
  8. The Journal of Graeme Livingstone
  9. Shadow of A Seagull
  10. Robert & Romona
  11. Freida's Secret Garden
  12. The Heavens Are For Wonder
  13. Merchant of Death
  14. Memorial Day
  15. Che
  16. Trust Your Heart Always

Disc Two:

  1. There Was A Time

  2. Norfolk, Little Rock, Memphis
  3. What Happened To the America I Used To Know?
  4. Bluefields
  5. Hills of Woodstock
  6. A Woman Like You
  7. Juan Romero
  8. The Sacred
  9. I Had A Dream
  10. Cell Block One
  11. Angel
  12. They're All Human
  13. Part of It All
  14. Crazy Eyes
  15. If I Could Come Back Home

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