The Outsider




Produced by Shadow Morton for Gallery Productions

Directed by Jacob Solman

Recorded in the RCA Studios, Hollywood, California


Side A:

  1. Texas Red

  2. Jack's Friend
  3. Judge Proctor's Windmill
  4. Devil's Hopyard
  5. Let It Rain

Side B:

  1. Hello Grandpa

  2. Birdseye Heaven
  3. Mystery Hill
  4. There Was No God In Mexico That Night
  5. The Sky Is Full Of Ships Tonight

Tom Pacheco: lead vocals, acoustic guitar
Ben Benay: acoustic guitar, mandolin, banjo
Max Bennett: electric bass
Don Brooks: harmonica
Steve Bruton: electric and acoustic guitars, mandolin
Sammy Creason: drums
Doug Dillard: banjo
John Guerin: drums
David Jackson, Jr.: electric bass
Doug Kershaw: fiddle
Jay Ellington Lee: synthesizer
Jerry McGee: electric guitar
Red Rhodes: pedal steel
Mike Utley: piano
Waddy Wachtel: electric guitar

Background Vocals:
Thomas Jefferson Kaye, John Hartford, Doug Dillard, Daniel Moore, Matthew Moore, Pepper Watkins, Rebecca Burns, Mary Anderson, Diane Earl, Gary Montgomery, Juice Newton, Thomas Kealey, Otha Young

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