Steinar Albrigtsen and Tom Pacheco - Nobodies


Norske Gram


Produced by Scott Petito, Tom Pacheco and Steinar Albrigtsen

Recorded at Levon Helm Studio, Woodstock, N.Y.


  1. One Heart One Soul (Pacheco)

  2. They Can't Touch You Now (Pacheco)
  3. The Water I Swim In (Pacheco)
  4. Free (Pacheco)
  5. Nobodies (Pacheco)
  6. Midnight Rain (Pacheco/Albrigtsen)
  7. Teddy Roosevelt (Pacheco)
  8. Night Train Blues (Adapted from trad. blues with additional lyrics/music by Pacheco/Albrigtsen)
  9. It's So Strange (Pacheco/Albrigtsen)
  10. Bobby and Elvis (Pacheco/Albrigtsen)
  11. Since Jackie Left Town (Pacheco)
  12. I've Got Nothing To Do (Pacheco/Albrigtsen)
  13. Sunny Blue Skies (Pacheco/Albrigtsen)

Tony Levin: bass
Scott Petito: bass
Paul Pacheco: bass
Levon Helm: drums
Jerry Marotta: drums, percussion, acoustic guitar
Richard Bell: piano, organ
Aron Hurwithz: accordion
Jim Weider: electric guitar
Happy Traum: banjo
Sean Schulic: piccolo flute
Victorio Roland Mousaa: birdsounds
Kevin Maul: dobro
Abbt Newton: cello
Rick Danko: harmony vocals
Leslie Ritter: harmony vocals
Beth Reineke: harmony vocals
John Sebastian: harmonica
Steinar Albrigtsen: vocals, mandolin, acoustic guitars
Tom Pacheco: vocals, mandolin, acoustic guitars

Engineered by Scott Petito

Photos by Baard Henriksen

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