Luminol - the Houston Sessions

My sister Patty produced this new CD at her studio “Sanders Sound” in Houston Texas. Many amazingly talented musicians contributed their time and love to this project. I am eternally grateful.

For this collection of songs, I did my best to put my finger around this nation’s pulse at this time of it’s history in which uncertainty, nervousness, anger, betrayal and  a sense of being helpless, fill the uneasy winds that blow through our collective hearts.

  1. While We Looked the Other Way

  2. The Cumberland Robbery  
  3. Big Jim’s Honey  
  4. Late Night in a Strange Town  
  5. You Tube  
  6. Are the Best Years of our Country Still Ahead or Have They Gone?  
  7. Blues in the Key of Mississippi  
  8. Texecution  
  9. Solidarity  
  10. On the Run  
  11. The Girl with the Blue Guitar & the Black Beret  
  12. The Plastic Bag from Wal-Mart  
  13. A World Without America  


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