Luck of Angels


Sonet (PolyGram)

All Tracks except Robert and Ramona produced by Tom Pacheco and Jay Vernali
Recorded at Jay Vern's Place, Nashville, Tennessee
Robert and Ramona produced by Svein Gundersen
Recorded at Major Studios, Oslo


  1. Searching For The Sixties

  2. The Best Kept Secret In Youngstown Ohio
  3. They're All Human
  4. Oklahoma Plains
  5. Tina Teresa
  6. Tennessee Stars
  7. Reverend Jake
  8. Out Of The Ashes
  9. Beautiful Moments
  10. Let The Winds Of Heaven Dance Between Us
  11. Cell Block One
  12. Rosalie
  13. Robert and Ramona

Nashville Musicians:
Michael Blaustone: drums
Tom Rhody: percussion
Duncan Mullins: electric bass
Mike Chapman: electric bass
John Ownby: acoustic bass
Biff Watson: acoustic guitar
Chris Leuzinger: electric slide guitar, acoustic slide guitar
Johnathan Yudkin: fiddle, mandolin
David Schnaufer: dulcimer
Doug Jernigan: dobro, steel guitar
Jay Spell: accordion
Jay Vernali: piano, organ
Josie Kuhn: background vocals
Steinar Albrigtsen: background vocals
Tom Pacheco: vocals, acoustic guitar, harmonica, flamenco guitar

Oslo Musicians (on Robert and Ramona):
Moten Sand: steel
Lasse Hafreager: keyboards
Lars Havard Haugen: guitar
Svein Dag Hauge: guitar
Per Hillestad: drums
Oyvind Madsen: bass
Rita Eriksen: background vocals
Steinar Albrigtsen: background vocals, acoustic guitar
Tom Pacheco: vocals, acoustic guitar

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