The Long Walk

2004 Halden Plateproduksjon

Produced by Kai Andersen and The Long Walk

Recorded at Athletic Sound, Halden, September 2003

Executive production by Tom Skjeklesaether

All songs written by Tom Pacheco

  1. Norfolk, Little Rock, Memphis

  2. There Was A Me (Before There Was You)
  3. Che
  4. Following Ricardo
  5. The Last Rolling Stone
  6. Juan Romero
  7. The Journal of Graeme Livingstone
  8. You Gotta Have Money
  9. Living Alone

The Long Walk:

Lars Ivar Borg: Bass, rhythm guitar, and backing vocals on "You Gotta Have Money"
Freddy Holm: Guitars, piano, E-bow, pump organ, auto harp, backing vocals, feedback noise on "Following Ricardo"
Tom Pacheco: Vocals, acoustic guitar
Glenn-Vidar Solheim: Drums, percussion
Fredrik Viklund: Guitars, dobro, slide guitar

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