Tom Pacheco and the Hellhounds Last Stand - 1986 Live

This is a live in a club recording of the last time me and my back-up band the Hellhounds ever played together. It was at the notorious Uncle Willy's in Kingston, New York. A wild and rough seething club full of bikers, biker chicks, poet-angels, blue collar working people, defrocked priests, paranoid journalists, murderers, strippers, streetwalkers, prizefighters, female wrestlers and New York city onlookers slumming with the crowd of people they heard about existed but never experienced. It is rock and roll and hard blues and gangsta-cowboy. I wrote and sang all the songs and I could probably get arrested for some of the things I was up to at that time. The sound quality is not great but it's all I have to show of that time in 1986.


  1. Hanging Out In America

  2. Land Where The Missing Children Go
  3. Lets Get On With It
  4. Song for Richard
  5. A Woman Like You/You've Got to HAve Money
  6. Two Different Wavelengths
  7. Lost Soul In The Middle of Nowhere
  8. Perfect Morning/Midnight Rain
  9. We're Strangers Now
  10. Yellow Ribbons
  11. Big City
  12. Are You Really Stevie Nicks?
  13. Video's Everything

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