Eagle in the Rain


Ringsend Road Music Group


Produced by Arty McGlynn

Recorded at Homestead Studios, Randalstown, Co. Antrim, NI, and Ringsend Road Studios, Dublin

Mastered at Master Room, London


  1. Robert and Ramona

  2. She Always Thought He'd Come Back
  3. Made In America
  4. All Because Of You
  5. The Last Blue Whale In The Ocean
  6. You Will Not Be Forgotten
  7. Midnight At The Hot Club
  8. Jesus In A Leather Jacket
  9. All I Can Look At Is You
  10. Donna Marie
  11. Just A Little Bullet

Arty McGlynn: electric guitar, acoustic lead guitar, 12-string guitar, steel guitar, mandolin
Peter O'Hanlon: harmonica, electric guitar
James Blennerhasset: bass
Brendan McFarrity: drums
Rod McVey: keyboards
Nollaig Casey: fiddle
Dave Early: percussion
Neil Martin: cello, uillean pipes
Leon McCruen: backing vocals
Eric Woods: backing vocals
Collet O'Hanlon: backing vocals
Maura Donaghy: backing vocals
Tom Pacheco: lead vocals, acoustic rhythm guitar

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