Fjording (Norway)

FJCD 2007

Produced by Steinar Albrigtsen and Sverre Erik Henriksen
Executive Producer: Tom Skjeklesaether
Recorded at Reeltime studio and Oslo Lydstudio, Oslo
Mixed at Reeltime studio by Sverre E. Henriksen
Mastered by Mikkel Schille at Masterhuset, Oslo


  1. Welcome To The End Of The Century

  2. Bluefields
  3. Big Muddy River
  4. A Fine Homemade Pie
  5. Till The Last Breath I Breathe
  6. Sand
  7. If You Only Had A Warmer Heart
  8. Blue Montana Sky
  9. Fine Summer Morning
  10. For Old Times
  11. Angel
  12. Red White and Bleeding

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