Bloodlines - 2006

This is a collection of many styles of songs There is no over-running "theme."  Just lots of different moods and emotions. The most important things in life are health, family and friends.  And this album reflects that.  It is intentionally done with a raw, unpolished sound, as though it was done in a living room with everyone sitting around and playing together the way people used to before social conditioning and media distractions isolated us from one another.  This is a special album to me. 

  1. What happened to the America I used to know?  

  2. I love the stars too much (to ever be afraid of the night). 
  3. My name is Hamir 
  4. When your back on your ranch in Texas.  (Complete song)
  5. I guess I'm lucky 
  6. Part of it all  
  7. Dads gone now. 
  8. I am with you still  
  9. Bloodlines  
  10. The Trees  
  11. We are the people 
  12. Believe in yourself 

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