The Lost American Songwriter

Bare Bones II

1999 Road Goes on Forever Records


Produced by Jim Weider

Recorded at Moonhaw Studios, Woodstock, N.Y.

Front cover painting: Cannon Street by Tony Pacheco

Disc One:

  1. The Lost American Songwriter

  2. Juan Romero
  3. China Blue
  4. Cannon Street
  5. Welcome To The End Of The Century
  6. Out Of The American Blue
  7. Country Bliss
  8. Shadow Of A Seagull
  9. Bluefields
  10. Since Jackie Left Town
  11. Sand
  12. The Ghost Of You
  13. Crazy Eyes
  14. Angel
  15. The One About To Fall

Disc Two:

  1. Loose Change

  2. If I Should Fail (co-written with Rick Danko)
  3. Fly With The Lightning
  4. The Abduction
  5. Needs Of His Soul
  6. They're All Human
  7. Out Of The Ashes
  8. I Was Meant To Pass Through Your Life
  9. Big Muddy River
  10. John Wilkes Booth
  11. Midnight Waters Of The Rio Grande
  12. Mama
  13. By The Light Of The Moon
  14. For Old Times
  15. The Penny


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