Bare Bones & Barbed Wire

1998 Road Goes on Forever Records


Produced by Pete Holidai and Tom Pacheco

Recorded at Sun Studios, Temple Bar, Dublin

Digital Mastering by Denis Blackham at Country Masters

Disc One:

  1. Jessica Brown

  2. Streets Of Blue Rain
  3. Yellow Ribbons
  4. You Will Not Be Forgotten
  5. Cell Block One
  6. Mining Country
  7. Hippie On The Highway
  8. Down On The Promenade
  9. Long Gone
  10. The Best Kept Secret In Youngstown Ohio
  11. Full Time Job
  12. Strange Gods
  13. Your Family And Your Friends
  14. You Again
  15. Turnpikes Truckstops
  16. Ophelia
  17. Just A Little Bullet

Disc Two:

  1. Robert And Ramona

  2. Minnesota Blue
  3. The Soul
  4. Swan With A Broken Wing
  5. Reverend Jake
  6. Her Mother's Face
  7. The Other Side
  8. Trust Your Heart Always
  9. Jesus In a Leather Jacket
  10. Who Was Sam McGuire
  11. Big Storm Comin'
  12. Yellow Hair
  13. Made In America
  14. Van Gogh
  15. Grand Canyon
  16. Donna Marie
  17. Last Blue Whale In The Ocean

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