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The Secret Hits Vol. 1

The Secret Hits Vol. 2

Railroad Rainbows & Talkin Blues

I’ll Leave a Light on For You

Rebel Spring

The Outsider (CD 2005)


Year of the Big Wind

Bare Bones and Barbed Wire

Luck of Angels

There Was a Time


The Long Walk

Woodstock Winter

Eagle in The Rain

Sunflowers and Scarecrows

Pacheco & Alexander

The Lost American Songwriter

The Outsider


Swallowed Up In The Great American Heartland

Tom Pacheco and the Hellhounds
Last Stand - 1986 Live

Turn Away from the Storm

13 Stones - Bare Bones IV

Tales From The Red Lake

Luminol - the Houston Sessions


Tom has appeared on the following albums or his songs have been sung by the fellowing artists

Steinar Albrigtsen - Bound to Wander

Steinar Albrigtsen and Tom Pacheco - Big Storm Comin'

Jefferson Starship - Dragon Fly

Steinar Albrigtsen and Tom Pacheco - Nobodies

Richie Havens - Mixed Bag II

Rick Danko - "Times Like These"

Scott Petito and Leslie Riter - Circles in Sand

The Band - Jubilation


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