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New Orleans

new ep out soon

Hello Friends,
I guess youíve all been as riveted as I have been to the suffering in New Orleans caused by the hurricane and hopelessly incompetent government. Iíve written and recorded a new song about the situation called "Ainít New Orleans Anymore". It will be included in a new CD E.P. of about six songs that I will be releasing in the next few weeks. If you love George Bush Jr. you will hate this record.
The world does not look in very good shape these days and our own country is in trouble, far more than the current administration admits. Where is the spirit of Franklin Delanor Roosevelt? When can the democrats be real democrats again? I believe somewhere out there a dark horse candidate will emerge in the next three years who will have some spine and empathy and will re-energize the Democratic Party. Right now he or she is not on the radar screen at all.
Thatís all for now.
Keep fighting the good fight.

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