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Hello Dear Friends,
I have good news to report about my brother. After almost two months at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Paul has been released and is staying with my sister Donna and her husband, John. He still has a long road ahead of him, but he is a fighter and it sure is great to hear his voice on the telephone. I look forward to visiting him outside of that hospital (which by the way is a great one) and catching up on the “missing time” he experienced while he was in a 3 1/2 week medically induced coma.
He was happy to wake up and find the Boston Red Sox in first place in the American League East. For those who don’t know, Paul played bass in our group, The Raggamuffins, in 1966 and 1967. Sometimes he played bass with Jimi Hendrix at The Cafe Wha? In summer of 1966 when Jimi was known as “Jimmy James and the Blue Flame” when Jimmy’s bass player was incapacitated. Paul also spent a few weeks as John Lee Hooker’s bass player around 1970 in the Oakland San Francisco area...
Some sad news to report. My dear friend John Herald died by his own hand in Woodstock in July. I had been a fan of his since his “Greenbriar Boys” days in the early 60’s when I was still in High School. A kind and sensitive soul with such great talent. I will surely miss him.
I’ve been writing lots of new songs this summer and doing shows around the Northeast. It has been a hot summer and I look forward to the cool winds and brilliant leaves of Autumn. In a couple weeks I will be releasing a new EP CD with four new songs. One of the songs “Memorial Day”, has been played in Crawford Texas at the edge of George We. Bush’s ranch at the Cindy Sheehan anti-Iraq war encampment.
It will be a limited edition CD and look for it on my website.

All The Best.

P.S. It has already been played on WDST Woodstock Radio and Bob Fass at WBAI Radio in New York City will be adding it to their play list this week.

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