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My song "Solidarity" is being recorded by the wonderful "Solidarity Singers"!

"I'm honored to have the "Solidarity Singers" of Madison Wisconsin record my song "Solidarity". It's strange how these things work out. Last winter when the tens of thousands of brave protesters in Madison, WI gathered inside and outside the Capitol Rotunda to protest Walker's attempt to destroy the right of collective bargaining by the unions I was inspired to write this song. I sent it to Chris Reeder of the "Solidarity Singers" and they began singing it every day in the Capitol Rotunda and now they are making a recording of "Solidarity" along with other songs that have inspired them, which will be released in March. I hope their project helps to defeat Governor Walker in the election that will follow his recall. The "Solidarity Singers" are a brave and determined group-people of real conscience and I hope this song helps their project. They are the original "occupy Wall Street" and I take my hat off to them. We have to keep the pressure on so that the 1% don't take over the country.

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