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It has been a very busy and productive Fall for Tom and the “New Year” promises to be an interesting one! We have great news about “LUMINOL The Houston Sessions”, upcoming shows and new videos on Youtube. Below is Tom’s message to all of you!

Tom’s News

To all my dear friends,

Well, here we are in a brand new year and I’d like to wish you all a happy one even though my heart says it’s not going to be so great. Though it could be interesting.
The entire world is in a perilous state, teetering on the edge of bankruptcy, (moral and financial) and rebellion, revolution and the continuing strangulation of the middle class and poor by the greedy and powerful. Never have so many had so little. The brightest spot of 2011 was the Arab Spring and the worldwide “Occupy” movement. How that evolves will be one of the main stories of 2012. I’m so glad people are getting off their couches and demonstrating on the streets, at last paying more attention to the kleptomaniacs than to the Kardashians.
The top 1% still have all the lawyers, guns, police and money and believe me, when they feel personally threatened, they will use it all against us like a heavy hammer. That’s why it’s important to keep all demonstrations peaceful and focused like Ghandi and Lennon would want it to be.
In the end though, we must affect change through the ballot box. America needs a new third party of real progressives and that will take time. We must keep Obamas feet to the fire in the meantime. He will win the next election and serve four more years as the Republicans have become the party of the brain dead. They have slipped over the side of the world that most of them still believe is flat. I more than smell the whiff of Fascism in their agenda.
They want to take us back to a Charles Dickens era where the masses starved and the rich lived blissfully ignorant and oblivious to their suffering. They proudly profess their Christianity but Christ would be horrified, in fact, he would attack them as he did the moneychangers in the Temple.
Yes it’s going to be an interesting year. Maybe the end of the Mayan calendar will be the end of the Wall Street bonus, the beginning of the end of the K-Street lobbyists, the rise of a fair and just society, the respect of intelligence over stupidity. Maybe I’m a dreamer but I’m not the only one.
Anyway, fasten your seat belts, a turbulent wild storm is coming..

Your old friend,
Tom Pacheco

LUMINOL The Houston Sessions

This very special collaboration between Tom and his sister Patty Sanders (and the many Houston musicians on the recording) has received wide-spread acclaim. John Conquest’s Third Coast Music ( reports:
Subject: Freeform American Roots #149

#1 John Lilly: Cold Comfort (self) *AG/*BG/*CS/*GM/*LMG/*MP
2 VA: This One's For Him: A Tribute To Guy Clark (Icehouse) *AH/*MDT/*N&T/*RF/*RV
3 Willie Nelson: Remember Me (R&J) *GS/*MT/*RH
4 The Far West (Light Fighter) *JP/*PP
5 Tom Pacheco: Luminol; The Houston Sessions (Frog Claw) *CJ/*EW
6 John Howie Jr: Leavin' Yesterday (Hands Up!) *DF/*DWB
7 Lincoln Durham: The Howling Bones (self) *HT
8 Jason Arnold & The Stepsiders: Crazy Things (self) *ATC
9 Gretchen Peters: Hello Cruel World (Scarlet Letter) *KM
10= The Carper Family: Back When (self) *TB
Fred Eaglesmith: 6 Volts (A Major Label) *JB
Tom Russell: Mesabi (Proper)

Arthur Wood
Gave LUMINOL 4 out of 5 stars in his review for Maverick Magazine in December 2011 stating … “another wakeup call and view reality song collection from Pacheco”

“Just a wonderful release from Tom Pacheco as he wraps his finger around the pulse of the country”
Mark Michaelis WGDR
(available at and

Upcoming Performances!

January 22,2012 4PM Ridgefield CT Tom returns to this wonderful series for an afternoon of song!

February 25, 2012 7PM 116 MacDougal St. (formerly the Gaslight) with Alana Amram Inaugural concert by FRIENDS OF MIKE PORCO

March 24,2012 Sheffield, MA 7PM PEACE OF MIND HOUSE CONCERTS Marilyn Miller opens

May 6,2012 City Island (Bronx) NY 6 PM The Uptown Coffeehouse in it’s brand new home in charming City Island!

Please check Tom’s website for updated performances!

You Tube

New videos continue to be added from Tom’s live performances and recorded music. Please check Please remember to type Tom Pacheco in the You Tube search bar-yep-there are dozens to choose from!

Wishing everyone a year filled with health and good things!

Nancy and Tom

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