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"I Hope That You Enjoy This Selection..."

Every song on this project was recorded between summer 1989 and spring 2011. There are two brand new songs I have never recorded until now, "That Old Dog And Me". And a new anthem for the working man and women who's collective bargaining rights are daily under assault all over the world. The song is called "Solidarity". The other songs were released on albums I recorded in Dublin and Randlestown Ireland, London England, Oslo and Halden Horway, Nashville, Tennessee and Woodstock New York. The new track was recorded in Houston Texas. In these days of cell phones, texting, Twitter, Facebook, e-mail and all other short distractions that only surf the top edge of the sea, I hope you can get under the water and immerse yourself in these songs 'cause there are a lot of them over the two CD's. Maybe, if I'm lucky, I can increase your attention spans. I hope you take the plunge. You will visit a lot of places, meet a lot of people, even some Aliens and Angels. You might even see yourself in some of these characters. Oh, and there are animals here too. As among other things, I have always been an animal rights activist. As in every "Best Of" collection I'm sure there will be songs that you wished I included. But have no fear; there will be a Best Of Volume 3 in a couple of years! My next CD of all new songs will be out in autumn 2011, produced by my sister, Patty Sanders. You will notice that there are only a few political songs here. Lately the news has been so bad and overwhelming, it does feel like approaching Armageddon and that for now at least, I thought I would spare you more anxiety and depression.My next CD, I assure you, will fill that vacuum as it is important that songwriters must also chronicle their times. Too many songs these days are written for "Clear Channel" stations filled with too much navel gazing or stupid "catchy" refrains. The flu is "catchy" too. I'm no intellectual but I can tell a dumb song when I hear one. I know you can too. Of course there are some great songwriters out there but they get so little airplay in the corporately controlled world and I salute them for not giving up the fight. I hope you enjoy this selection.

Your old friend,
Tom Pacheco

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