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Dear Friends.
I know it has been a while since I've written to you but I hope you are all right and getting through these unsettling and troubled times.
Sometimes it feels the whole world is going to Hell. There is so much bad news everywhere you look. I suggest you turn off your TV news and stop reading the computer blogs and newspapers for a while and settle down, breathe and observe the simple sweet things of life that are timeless and always there. A squirrel, the acrobat of the forest, jumping from tree to tree, a glorious sunrise or sunset, the calm beautiful blue of the sky, sitting by your neighbors friends and family and smiling and talking about anything but Politics, Religion or Global Catastrophes. We live in a media saturated age and the noise is deafening and dangerous to our physical and psychic health. It can quickly lead to depression and an anxiety that consumes our souls day in and day out and fills us with hopelessness.
I'm not saying to completely disengage from what ever is going on, but to stand back awhile and look at the bigger picture of your own life. Examine the small but more important things.
I've been writing new songs and as you may know I released a new CD in February 2010 on "Trackattack/Universal" records in Norway. It is hard to get but if you check out the website of the label in Norway you can order it. It has gotten rave European reviews but is not out in America. The CD is called, "I'll Leave A Light On For You".
I also toured Texas and Oklahoma this past spring and while outrunning tornadoes and "Tea Party Protesters", I recorded a new CD that will be out early next year. It's called "The Houston Sessions" and is being produced by my sister Patty who has a hugely successful state of the art studio in Houston Texas, with all Texas musicians playing on it. There are 12 new songs. This is an edgy album, Alternative Americana. You will hear lots of stories and tales, heroes and outlaws, late nights in strange towns, blues in the key of Mississippi and a plastic bag from Walmart that takes to the sky, dogs, a bandit girl with a blue guitar and horror in a Mexican border town.I have also started painting again. You can find some of my work on my website.
I will be going to Norway around August 17th for a two week tour with my dear friends Steinar Albrigtsen, Monika Nordli and Andy Nessbum. On September 5th (and if needed the 6th) I'll be performing in Phoenicia New York in a beautiful old train station for a special intimate concert. Please check my website for other shows.
It's been a year since my beloved brother Paul passed on and my loving dog Lily died. I'm looking for a new rescue dog now. I would like a Golden Retriever mix. Mixed with what I don't know yet but I'll know the right dog when I see her. Yes, I want a female.
I hope when you read this the tornado of oil will have stopped exploding through the waters of the Gulf of Mexico where I fished in many years ago and sang songs in Louisiana and Alabama bars.
Take care of your selves. I love you all and please forgive me for not writing sooner.

Your old troubadour friend.


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