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Dear Friends

May speeds into September

Dear Friends,

I hope you all had a nice summer. It's amazing how quickly May speeds into September.
Some people get sad at this time of year. Beaches become deserted, school starts, and occasionally a chilly night reminds us that winter is not too far off.
But I love September and October with its clear skies and leaves turning wildly gorgeous colors and that sense that this is truly the beginning of the New Year. Everything starts again. The sultry,slow,hot, hazy days of July and August are gone and we all start over on our different paths of life. I find myself mentally clear in cooler weather. I like wearing a light jacket and regular shirt instead of shapeless, worn out faded t-shirts.
I've been busy though, doing shows, gigs, and outdoor festivals and I have TWO new CDs coming out, one JUST released called " Railroad Rainbows and Talkin' Blues". The other " I'll Leave A Light On For You" will be out in November.
Railroad Rainbows And Talkin' Blues" is a trip into 21st century Woody Guthrie Country. If you like tales and real stories of "flesh and blood" people, you will like this CD. It is a raw flesh on the bones album; only me and my brother Paul play on it. There are 13 songs,, beginning with a dark journey through a weird America and its people that live lives not usually reported about and you will meet men and women, famous and infamous who dwell in strange places mentally and physically. By the end you will find hope and redemption in the country and its people.
As I wrote these songs sometimes I felt the ghostly hands of Woody Guthrie, Joe Hill, Jimmy Rodgers, early Bob Dylan, and of course Hunter Thompson on my shoulder. I'm proud of this collection of songs and I hope you like them too.

All the best to you,

Your Old Troubadour Friend...

Tom Pacheco

Liner Notes:

We're back in Woody Guthrie country. Not the country of the dust bowl and the labor camps of the 1930's and '40's but the America of the 21st century. The old expression that Mark Twain once said, "History doesn't repeat itself but it certainly rhymes".
There are still wars going on, the worldwide economy is teetering, global climate is behaving weirdly, and everyone has a foreboding feeling that there is a cataclysmic storm brewing and approaching from every dark horizon we face.
We live in a 24 hour TV news and entertainment cycle. Everyone is glued to cell phones or i-pods or watching "You Tube" on their soul killing computers. Some people would rather watch a picture of a nice day on those computers than go outside and take a walk on a real sunny day. Distraction is everywhere. Monsters are approaching from the hills, valleys and plains while we are content amusing ourselvesto death watching "American Idol".
The entire planet is turning into one giant shopping mall with corporate mind numbing stores and restaurants, each one exactly the same, springing up every few miles. In all this neon repetition, many of us find we don't know who we are anymore. Our immortal spirits are becoming disconnected from our bodies and the societies we live in.
And yet there are still flesh and blood people somehow making their way through this corporate infested wasteland. Some still fighting the good fight, some who have each in their own way opted out of the system, existing on the margains of approved social behavior often under conditions of great peril and human suffering.
In this modern "dark age" we must remember there have been dark ages before and they have been defeated by small groups of brave and brilliant souls who against all odds have changed the world for the better, like seeds that have filled barren deserts with flowers.
The great writer Greil Marcus wrote about "the weird old America". A lot of the characters in this album still live in that world, sometimes right down the street from a "Walmart" or "CVS". Perhaps they occasionally eat dinner at a Burger King or KFC.
But I see them many times on my journeys around the country. They have a penetrating and unflinching look in their eyes. They may be wearing Salvation Army clothing and shabby shoes but they are undefeated and most importantly, fearlessly alive.
They are the unreasonable people. Reasonable people adapt themselves to the world. Unreasonable people make the world adapt to them. But all human change comes from unreasonable people. They can be poets, artists, bricklayers, or plumbers. But they all share that same trait.
In them I find hope and it's to them that I dedicate this new CD "Railroad Rainbows and Talkin' Blues."

Please check back on the website or CD for this new release. It should be available in a few days.

-Tom Pacheco

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