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Hello Friends!
Happy Spring!

By the time you get this letter Easter will be ancient history, and it was an early Easter. The last time we had a March 23rd Easter was in 1913, just before the start of World War I.

It has been a bitter, icy, cold winter here in Woodstock and as I write this, REAL spring is far over the southern horizon no matter what the calendar says.

I've been very excited about the Barack Obama Presidential Campaign. He's the first American politician I've seen since Bobby Kennedy in 1968 that I feel can bring most of this country together and help us rejoin the world and start to heal the damage to the country and planet that George Bush has created. Of course the right-wing media like Fox News has been attacking him every chance they get and some of the ultra-paranoid left-wing websites are doing their best to undermine him. Hell, no politician is perfect. Thomas Jefferson and George Washington had slaves. John Kennedy put Robert MacNamara in charge of the defense department-hence-Viet Nam. Every time I see Barack in front of a crowd of 14 thousand people I worry about his safety. And the "lone nut" possible assassin could be a woman who supports Hillary Clinton. I hope the secret service is watching closely...

I was recently in Memphis, Tennessee, for the 2008 International Folk Alliance Conference. There were musicians there, young and old, all with the common message that through the power of music we might eventually achieve world peace. There were more than two thousand people attending and I met some of my favorite songwriters like Chuck Brodsky, Eliza Gilkysen, Taylor Pie, and many others. I was flattered to get a standing ovation after I played one of the main showcase concerts. I really didn't expect that! Louis J. Meyers, the Executive Director of the Folk Alliance Organization did a fantastic job putting it all together. My new album is progressing along well, and it is due to be released in early Autumn.

I've been writing new songs,as usual...a couple of titles are "Who?". "This Grand Old Land", and "The Roses On The Picket Fence".

I hope that you are all well and have gotten through the winter okay even though the world economy is degrading daily. The wars go on and the glaciers are vanishing. the old proverb, NOT Chinese by the way, "may you live in interesting times" is actually a curse, and we certainly live in "interesting times".

I'll be back on the road in April and am looking forward to it, though it will certainly be a sadder road, knowing John Stewart won't be there. We old troubadours are vanishing quickly, but I am happy to see a whole new generation of young people coming to take our place and keep this music alive.

I guess that's about all for now. I look forward to my UK tour in the Autumn as I always do, and seeing so many friends I've made there over the years.

Take care of yourselves and keep the old candle burning.

Your old friend,

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