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As the holidays appoach...

Dear Beloved Friends,

It is just a few days from Christmas as I write this and winter has come fiercely early to Woodstock. In the past 2 days we have had two storms that left about 2 feet of hard snow on the ground. And it isn't officially winter for another day! Another storm is due in three days and on and on like an express train of snowstorm cars. You should hear the banshee winds!

I have seen a lot of starving animals and I confess that I feed as many of them as I can-deer, raccoons, possums, and wild turkeys. Thank heaven the black bear are hibernating. They are the smartest of all God's creatures, they awake in spring.

There are some homeless people about too and I always do a few benefit concerts during the year to help them-not just at Christmas. People need food and shelter ALL year long and the Bush administration in Washington does little to help them. At least Marie Antoinette offered them cake. Bush offers them crumbs, if anything. Very Dickensian! "Let them starve, it will lower the population" People like him, born with a silver spoon in their mouths, have no idea what cold, hunger, and pennilessness feels like.

And so we come to Christmas and the New Year. I want you all to have a good holiday season and PLEASE remember those who are less fortunate than you, and in some small act of kindness help them out. Buy them a hamburger, give them a coat, hat, or gloves you don't need anymore that is probably hanging dusty in your closet. Put some cash in someone's open hands, and remember, except by the grace of fate, that person could be you.We are. after all, brothers and sisters living together on this blue and white marble floating through the mysterious cosmos. Not only will you make that person happy but you will feel better about yourself.

Anyway, please take care of yourselves and get ready for 2008. It's going to be a turbulant year, much like 1968 was. Hang on to your hats and remember that I'll be right there with you!

Your Old Troubadour Accomplice,

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