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Hope you are all well and enjoying the warmth and promise of the approaching summer. Today the hummingbirds arrived at my window.

It has been a beautiful spring here in Woodstock. The streets and cafes are crowded with locals and tourists, bikers and backpackers; some of who want to know where the original site of the 1969 festival was. It was 50 miles away! When the town realized that there might be hundreds of thousands of people coming they canceled the permit and the promoters found another site at White Lake where the festival was held on property owned by the late farmer Max Yasgur. Levon, Rick, and the rest of The Band had to be helicoptered there.

I recently got back from 10 days in Norway where I did 3 concerts and started a new CD, a solo one, produced by Steinar Albrigtsen and his produceer Ernest. My part of it is all finished and they will add the musical "frosting" over the summer and it will be out in either November or February. I don't have a title yet. That will come when all the tracks are finished and the songs picked out. I recorded 15 of them and will end up with about 12- plus a "secret track" 30 seconds after the album ends. I am also working on two film scores, but I'll write about that later on in a future letter.

I played the Colony Cafe to a standing room only crowd on May 26th, and tried out a few of the new songs which thankfully got a great reception. I was excited to be backed by my brother Paul on acoustic guitar and my brother-in-law Vern on bass.

I got a nice letter from one of my very favorite songwriters, Mary Gauthier, and she asked if we might try writing a song together which I would love to do.
I'll be contacting her soon.

My health is good, "knock on wood", and I've completely recovered from the burst appendix operation I had las October.

This summer I plan on doing a few shows and writing more songs. I look forward to my annual Autumn tour of the U.K. I have so many friends there that I always look forward to seeing. It's so true what they say, "when you make a friend in Scotland, Wales and England, you make a friend for life".

Steinar Albrigtsen's new album "Moment of Peace" reached the Norwegian top 10 pop list and his second single, a duet, sung with the great singer Monika Nordli was "A-listed" on all the radio stations. It's a song of mine you might know called "A Million Stars". She herself is a great songwriter and Steinar is too. We wrote 3 songs together on his album and he also did a fine version of my song "Last Bike in Town" re-named "Ragtown". That song came from my RCA album "Swallowed Up in the Great American Hearland". You can order it from Sony-BMG Norway and as I said before, the album is titled "Moment of Peace".

Well that's about all for now, my dog Lily is giving me a look like she wants to go for a walk through the streets and woodlands around here. She likes to chase squirrels and rabbits, but of course she's never caught one. She only eats canned dog food. For her it's the chase that matters. The journey not the destination.

Kind of like me...

All the best,

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