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Hello Friends

It's been awhile

Hello Friends,

Sorry I havenít written in a written in a while but Iíve been "holed up" writing loads of new songs. For those of you who love conspiracy songs one of them, "Beautiful Blue Day in Dallas" is the ultimate Kennedy assassination song for those of you who donít believe Oswald acted alone and for those who believe 9/11 might have been an inside job as a pretext to invade Iraq. The lynchpin of the whole debacle.

Also good news on "Bloodlines". I took the original tapes to Vern Millers studio and we added more harmonies, re-mixed and remastered it. The original album is a good raw album and the new version is more polished. The re-mastering was done by Todd Rundgrenís sound recording engineer Rob Frazza. I do that with paintings sometimes, Iíll finish a painting then 5 months later Iíll add or subtract things from it with fresh ideas and fresh brushstrokes.

This May Iíll be flying to Norway to record a brand new album produced by Steinar Albrightsen and his producer. It will be a solo album with Norwegian backing musicians and will be out in Autumn or early Winter.

By the way, Steinar has a new hit solo album on Sony-BMG records Norway with 5 of my songs on it. Itís called "moments of peace". If you click on to "" and look for Steinar Albrigtsen, you can see the cover, read the song titles and hear "Moment of Peace.

Take care of yourselves. Iím feeling great and right now my dog Lily is telling me she wants to take me for a walk.

All the best,

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