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Hello Friends

Hello Friends,

Not long ago I got back from my UK tour in good form and good health and I attribute that to all the great and powerful energy from all the people who came to my 14 shows.

It was great seeing you and i feel blessed to have so many friends every where, new and old, I look forward to coming every year. I feel like it's a second home.

The good people of Falkirk Scotland even gave me a surprise birthday party which touched me deeply especially coming so soon after the emergency operation I had. I even had to blink back a tear or two.

I have recorded a new song never recorded before, " You Gotta Have Hope" that everyone on my email list was mailed as a Holiday gift. You can also now download a free track from my new CD "Bloodlines" called "When You're Back on Your Ranch In Texas", about the time in 2 years when George W. Bush returns to his Texas Ranch after ruinning the country and the world and good riddance tohim. But like scrooge, he will be tormented by the Jacob Marley ghosts of all the death he created. BUt for him there will be no salvation.

On a lighter note, may you all have a happy holiday season and a healthy and safe coming year. By the way, I'm completely healed and feel stronger than ever. I've written 4 new songs in the last two weeks and was even strong enought to chop down a dead tree that was about to fall on my home. IT takes a lot to kill an old troubadour!!

I'l have some interesting news to tell you in March or April if everything turns out as planned.

Take Care of Yourselves!!


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