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Hello My Dear Friends

I’m sorry for not writing sooner. I figured I’d better write you now, before the whole world blows up. I hope you are all well in your own lives, or as well as can be expected.
We all know we are not all fine all the time. The human soul is so turbulent, and you put that into the turbulence of the times and now. Anything can happen and usually does.
I’ve been writing songs, doing a few gigs, singing at anti-Bush rallies, singing at charities and wandering all over internally and externally.
When you get older you tend to look back, not for nostalgia, but at the broken pieces of your life, that you attempt to weave into a tapestry to see how much sense it has all made. It’s like every couple years is a piece of a puzzle that only gazing back hindsight can you see a picture. I guess when the last piece is there you won’t be aware of the completed story, because you won’t be there to see it. Death is the final interruption, the real missing piece.
The new song you heard when you got to my website is an outtake from a new album I’m working on. Right now the working title of the CD is, “Broadway Lights and Country Nights”, but that may change. I’ve been writing a lot. Yesterday I finished a new song called “Times Change and the Tides Turn”. I got a song I think you all might like called “The Day Jim Dandy Dance in the Rain”. It’s a real wild story that has a real surprise ending. Kind of like “Cell Block One”. I played it at a biker bar in Pattenburg, New Jersey 10 days ago and got a standing ovation.
The times we live in now remind me of the early 1960’s just before the explosion. I know people in America are fed up, angry and scared. The George Bush Administration is not only ruining America, but ruining the world. You almost get the feeling these people would like to see Armageddon come, because Jesus would come back. They really believe that. The social engineering going on is truly menacing. Everybody locked in their homes watching the next terrifying “breaking news” on the T.V., while life is just outside the door. The best way to control people is to scare them. Hitler figured that out. I’ve had gigs cancelled because of my opinions. The place might be packed and the people cheering, but if one or two people complain, you are not booked again. Why do all those “complainers” always wear suits?
Pete Seeger once told me that in the early 1950’s when he was with the great folk group “The Weavers”, who had number one records like “Good Night Irene” and were playing Carnegie Hall and huge theaters, somebody wrote in a newspaper article that they had years before been in the communist party. One year later The Weavers were playing at “Joe’s Bar & Grill” in New Jersey for 40 people. The Blacklist was having it’s effect and Pete’s music was banned on most radio stations. National T.V. would not even touch him.
During the folk boom of the 50’s and early 1960’s. I don’t think Pete wad allowed on American television until the 1970’s. Some of his songs became hits by other people and the songwriting royalties helped him through the hard times, though he was always still singing on the barricades. God Bless Him!
Any artist worth a grain of salt should be doing the same thing. Never give up, never give in. Eventually the tide turns and the times change. Right now I can smell the tides beginning to turn and sense the times beginning to change. People are stirring and waking up from the long coma. Watch what happens over the next 3 years. See you on the streets.
- Tom

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