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Hello Friends,
Sorry I havenít written sooner, but itís been a busy winter. Iíve done a few shows in the Northeast that have gone really well and itís given me an opportunity to try out a new batch of songs Iíve written since December when I returned from my U.K. tour. I want to thank you all for writing me on my forum on my website. As you know, I donít use a computer, but every couple of weeks I check the letters out at the Turning Mill Studio about 20 miles from here and though I get so many emails that I canít answer them all, I do read them and really appreciate every one.
Iím hoping to be signed to a Dutch record label by the end of spring and plan to record a new album for late autumn or really early winter release. It will be recorded at the same studio I recorded "There Was A Time" with the same crew of musicians and a few surprise ones. The working title for the album (after one of the songs) is "Blue Sky Forever." The basic theme of the CD is of redemption, salvation and triumph often after a hard fought battle. There is also humor there including a true song about an encounter with the late writer Hunter Thompson on a snowy deserted highway 30 miles outside Aspen Colorado in 1984. Iíve narrowed the songs down to about 20 and I have to cut that down to 12 for the CD and everyone I play them for has their favorites so I honestly canít tell which songs will end up on the record. The saddest song I ever wrote, "Dadís Gone Now," is also in the mix.
Anyway, take care of yourselves.
P.S. Ė Iím planning a possible tour of Holland, Belgium and Germany this summer and of course a 3 week U.K. tour in November.

All the best,

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