Dear friends, at last my new album Boomtown is released. It is an album that will take you on a journey from MacDougal Street, Greenwich Village, NY in 1966 through an America and a world that has been tattered but has also reveled it beauty as we have all aged, all the way through to a future moment when civilization leaves us all behind and touches down on a new planet. The songs wonder what Woody Guthrie would think of things now, they muse about how Youtube sees all, and unearths a story that could have been the life of the famous hijacker D.B. Cooper, then shuts it all down and goes off line, then tells the story of Julian Assange and watches as the Baby Boom generation passes by ("according to the roomers we're all Valium consumers"). There are love songs too. One of them has a chorus that says "I Just Want To Fall In Love One More Time Before I Die." Now a days there are a lot of lonely people out there and this song gives hope to people who are still searching. Another song, "The Healing" is for anyone who is going through a difficult and debilitating time in their life. The title song is about Fracking and the danger it can bring to the environment, water, earth and air in which we and all God's creatures live. I'll stop here as there are thirteen songs on this CD. 

I think you will like this album. Many European critics have called this my best album. It was first released in Europe in early October in 2014. I'm so glad it's out in America now. 

Your old friend,
Tom Pacheco

  1. Boomtown

  2. MacDougal Street Summer 1966
  3. Julian
  4. Reality’s Virtually Fine
  5. One More Time
  6. The Lost Diary Of D. B. Cooper
  7. The Woodstock Generation Passing On
  8. Boomtown
  9. Homeland
  10. I`m Still Here
  11. You Tube
  12. The Healing
  13. What Would Woody Think
  14. Only One More Night Till Touchdown


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